Rules & recommendations

A small list of do's and don'ts.

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Absolutely NO glass bottles allowed on the river.
This includes beverages, food and mason jars.You may take a cooler containing beverages (plastic bottles and cans) and a lunch. Tubes are available to rent for this purpose, ie: Cooler Tube

Please do not bring styrofoam coolers or plastic bags. Hard, plastic coolers and soft bag ones are ideal. We can fit any practical cooler with a tube, guaranteed.

Do not litter on the river!
We want to preserve and protect the ecosystem for future generations to come. There are numerous garbage receptacles along the shores: please take full advantage of them.

Small children and non-swimmers are required to wear a life-jacket.
There are life-jackets on-site but availability is not guaranteed. If you have your own, please bring it with you.

Please, do not take anything of importance with you on the water
ex: keys, large amounts of cash, jewellery, non-waterproof/water resistant electronics, etc....You would be surprised at what valuables have been lost in the water! There is a Key Caddy for the safe keeping of your car keys. And our staff doubles as photographers so you can keep your camera safe, and on dry land!

Wear adequate footwear.
Flip-flops are functional, but not recommended. Crocs or another sort of secure footwear is excellent.

No Stopping/Trespassing on Private Property!
Remember, the river is public but anything beyond its shores is not. The river is lined by a community and residential homes and cottages which are strictly private properties. There is to be absolutely no stopping or trespassing in these areas. Please give this rule the utmost adherence.

Please listen to staff advisement's and recommendations for a safe and happy tubing experience!