Bringing your dogs

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We Have received a lot of questions about bringing pets. We love our pets as much as you and so we made some special tubes just for dogs that is attached to your tube. Our dog tube are in limited quantity therefore please call ahead to reserve a dog tube.

Not all people love your pet as much as you so we do have some very strict rules in concerns with your pet:

Your pet must be on a leash at all times while on our property.

Most tubers are barefoot or in sandals, pet owners are responsable to clean up after your pets.

Your pet should enjoy the water as they will be getting wet. Due to limited number of staff we cannot watch your pet for you if your pet "decides" not to go tubing.

Most smaller dogs can "sit" on your lap.

Most dogs 80lbs or less will fit in our tubes. Large dogs may wish to swim.

Dog tubes are in limited quantity, please call/email us to reserve a dog tube.

If you have any futher questions please contact us.